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What is the law?

As a cyclist, you must:

  • Obey all road markings, traffic signs and traffic signals.
  • Not carry any additional passengers on the bicycle unless it has been adapted to do so, such as tandem bicycles or child seats.
  • Not ride your bicycle in a way considered to be inconsiderate or careless.
  • Not ride a bicycle when you are unfit to control it, through the consumption of alcohol or drugs. It is also an offence to be in charge of a bicycle when drunk.

How do I report...

a collision or injury

Report an actual collision involving personal injury and/or damage, or an extreme and dangerous manner of driving:

a cycling near miss

If you have been involved in an incident on the roads where a cyclist was nearly hit, you can report a near miss.

a stolen bike

Report your bike has been stolen, or you suspect you are being sold a stolen bike:

a theft from a railway station

Report theft from a railway station, to the British Transport Police on 101.