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Report a cycling near miss

This page is not to be used for reporting actual collisions where personal injury or physical damage is involved.

It is designed to gather data which we can use with our partner agencies in order to improve cycling safety within the force area. Your information is not intended for use in formal prosecutions.

If you are reporting an actual collision involving personal injury and/or damage, or if you wish to report an extreme and dangerous manner of driving, fill in the Report a Crime or Incident form.

A red asterisk (*) denotes a required field.

Near miss information

Are you reporting a near-miss as a... *

Be as accurate as possible — for example "A369 at the Pill turn-off"

You can use an online mapping service to find out co-ordinates

What kind of vehicle? - for example "Van", "Car", "Lorry"

Describe the road layout — for example "Roundabout", "junction". Also include the speed limit for the area, what the lighting / weather conditions were like and the movements of the other vehicle(s) / bike(s) involved.


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