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Emergency bleed kits

Bleed kits are located in public spaces and can be accessed to provide emergency first aid for someone who is suffering significant blood loss.

Members of the public, business owners, councils or community groups can buy a bleed kit from Avon and Somerset Police for emergency use in their local area.

They are only designed to be used until an ambulance arrives at the scene.

Immediate danger

If you witness an ongoing incident involving a knife or offensive weapon, call 999 immediately.

In the below video clip, Chief Inspector Mike Vass, Force Lead for Knife Crime, talks about bleed kits on BBC’s Crimewatch and the importance of using these to help save lives.

Bleed kit types

In collaboration with HeartSafe, the UK’s leading public-access defibrillator supplier, you can choose from the following types of bleed kit:

Each package has a first-aid kid, which contains haemostatic dressings, trauma dressings, and a tourniquet to help stem the loss of blood in the critical first few minutes.

Bleed kit locations

You can see a map of all bleed kit locations on HeartSafe’s website.

Purchase a bleed kit

You can currently send us an email to buy a bleed kit.

Bleed kits are designed to be easy to install and instructions are provided by HeartSafe. Alternatively, you can request us to install your bleed kit when you email us.

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