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Clay pigeon shoot exemption

If you want to hold a clay pigeon shoot where non-shotgun licence holders will be firing at targets, you will need to apply for an exemption under the Firearms Act.

Apply for an exemption

To apply for an exemption under Section 11(6) of the Firearms Act, fill in the clay pigeon shoot exemption form.

Guidance for organisers of a clay pigeon shoot

  1. Your initial application should be made at least six weeks before the first event is to take place. We will not guarantee grants outside of this timeframe. 
  2. You must be in a position to accept responsibility for safety at the event and have an appropriate form of insurance to cover any accidents.
  3. As the organiser of such event, you have liability in law.
  4. It is your responsibility to ensure no person who is lawfully prohibited under the Section 21 of the Firearms Act is allowed access to guns.
  5. No person who appears to be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs should be allowed to be in possession of guns.
  6. Health and safety regulations require that appropriate safety equipment must be made available to all parties requiring it. You should consider conducting a risk assessment for the activity.
  7. There must be a zone extending to 275 metres from the shooting point in the direction of fire, which should be clearly defined.
  8. Shot, broken or whole clay targets must not land on any areas where the public have access, or where permission from the owner of the land has not been granted.
  9. All guns should only be loaded when on the firing point.
  10. Be aware of the potential for noise pollution.

For more information on clay pigeon shoot exemptions, contact Firearms Licensing.

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