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Investigation training

If you are a public or private sector organisation, you can book one of our courses at our headquarters in Portishead, or on your own premises.

Available courses


Professionalising Investigations Programme Level 1 (PIP1)
This is aimed at new to the role of police staff investigators employed as Designated Investigating Officers. The course will enable those officers working on Crime Investigation Teams to obtain statements from victims and witnesses, deal with detainees, investigate relevant crimes, and prepare prosecution files in relation to straightforward summary or either way offences.

Professionalising Investigations Programme Level 2 (PIP2 Investigators)
This course is designed to support the development of newly appointed Trainee Investigators (TIs). The aim of this programme is to equip the Trainee Investigator with the knowledge, understanding and skills to be able to conduct professional and objective investigations. Completion of ICIDP and 12 month workplace assessment will enable these officers to attain the Professionalising Investigation Programme Level 2  accreditation (PIP 2).
Duration: 4 weeks

PIP2 ISM – Investigative Supervisors and Managers Course
This course will equip police officers and staff with the knowledge, understanding and skills to supervise or manage serious and complex criminal investigations that fall within their area of responsibilities and the investigators conducting them. This course is for both DS and DI and their police staff equivalent.
Duration: 3 days

Senior Investigating Officers Development Programme (SIODP) – PIP 3
The SIODP programme has been designed to meet the national requirement for the SIO to lead serious and complex investigations in either major crime or serious organised crime.
Duration: One foundation module of 10 days and two 5 day modules in either major crime or in serious organised crime.


Covert Camera and Observation Post
To provide training and development opportunities for students relating to specialist surveillance techniques, along with relevant legislation for the covert use of observation posts. This course will also provide a capability for students to support relatively simple Level 2 surveillance and more complex Level 1 surveillance operations, by developing intelligence gathering, covert reconnaissance and operational planning tasks.
Duration: 5 days

Covert Investigations Course
This course aims to equip Supervisors with an understanding of covert policing tactics, to enable them to plan operations, comply with the law and utilise specialist resources and assets to achieve investigative objectives.
Duration: 1 week

Foot Surveillance
This course will give officers the skills to perform duties such as a surveillance operative, to covertly gather intelligence and evidence, and provide support to Level 1 Surveillance Teams during more complex surveillance operations.
Duration: 8 days

Surveillance Log Keeping and Disclosure Course
To provide training, coaching and development opportunities relating to specialist foot and static surveillance log keeping techniques. It will provide officers with a knowledge and understanding of Disclosure and best practice with regards to material obtained. To attend this course students are required to be involved in Surveillance Operations where they are expected to complete a Surveillance Log Book as part of their duties.
Duration: 2 days


Serious and Complex Interviewing (PIP2)
This course provides the knowledge and understanding required for PIP Level 2 victims and witness interviewing. It focuses on the legal and procedural framework for interviews with victims and witnesses. This module outlines what must be considered during all stages of the PEACE interview process in relation to interviews with victims and witnesses.
Duration: 2 weeks

Interview Advisors Course
This programme develops the ability of an interviewer to manage, advise and co-ordinate interviews for complex or major investigations.
Duration: 1 week

Serious Child Abuse Investigators Development Programme (SCAIDP)
(Also known as Child Visually Recorded Interview)
This course supports the development of individuals in a specialist role, enabling them to identify, assess and investigate issues of Child Abuse. The SCAIDP programme is part of the Professionalising Investigation Programme at Level 2 (PIP 2), and forms part of a wider set of resources for delivering training within the Public Protection Learning Programme area of the National Policing Curriculum.
Duration: 10 days

Serious Sexual Assault Investigators Development Programme
Primarily aimed at all staff investigating, supervising and responding to incidents of rape or sexual assaults on adults. It will give an overview of the legislation and help learners to develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours necessary to provide an appropriate response to situations involving rape or sexual assault on adults.
Duration: 2 weeks

Adult ABE Course
This course aims to equip suitable investigators to conduct visually recorded interviews of significant, vulnerable or intimidated victims or witnesses. Ideally nominees will have completed the Investigative Interviewing for Serious and Complex Crime (PIP Level 2) course prior to attending the course.
Duration: 5 days

Advanced Suspect
This course equips investigators with the knowledge and skills required when conducting specialist interviews with suspects. It focuses on the underpinning legal and procedural framework, preparing and planning specialist interviews with suspects, and conducting and evaluating specialist interviews with suspects.
Duration: 10 days

Intelligence and Digital Investigations

Evidencing Digital Investigations
This course provides investigators with an awareness of the digital landscape and core skills in online investigations, research, and securing digital evidence.
Duration: 4 days

Open Source Intelligence
This course demonstrates the information available on the internet by introducing concepts, tools, tactics and methods for searching. Delegates should have an interest in open source intelligence within the law enforcement field.
Duration: 2 days

Intelligence Foundation
This will prepare intelligence personnel with the appropriate knowledge and operational understanding of intelligence and its application to NIM, so they recognise their role within intelligence-led policing.
Duration: 1 week

Intelligence Managers Course
This course will explore the role of the Intelligence Manager in driving intelligence led policing philosophies within the structure of the NIM.
Duration: 1 week

General Investigative

National Crime Recording Standards (NCRS) and Home Office Counting Rules (HOCR)
This course will help Officers to correctly classify crime incidents in accordance with the Home Office Counting Rules, and allocate in accordance with force policy.
Duration: 5 days

Criminal Procedures and Investigation Act Training
These courses will equip Investigators to carry out their responsibilities under the Act in relation criminal disclosure.
Duration: Introduction (I day), intermediate (2 days), and specialist (I day)

First Response Officers Course
This course will give students the skills and knowledge necessary to function as a First Response Officer in sexual assault complaints. The course is suitable for front line Police officers and staff who attend the initial report of rape and sexual assaults.
Duration: 1 day


PACE Advisor (Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1994)
For staff who perform the role of PACE Advisor during investigations into serious and complex crime and major incidents. The aim of the course is to  equip staff with the skills to advise Senior Investigating Officers on issues in the Police and Criminal Evidence Act which relate directly to suspects in custody during major incidents.
Duration: 3 days

Family Liaison Officers Course
This course is for accredited PIP2 investigators to enable them to perform the role of a Family Liaison Officer in major incidents. It will enable students to competently discharge their duty when deployed as a Family Liaison Officer in the course of a homicide investigation, mass disaster or other circumstances requiring the services of a Family Liaison Officer.
Duration: 4 days

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