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Leadership training

If you are a public or private sector organisation, you can book one of our leadership courses at our headquarters in Portishead, or on your own premises.

Available courses

Managing people

Leadership Fundamentals
This workshop is the introduction to leadership, and supports you in exploring the knowledge, understanding, skill, attitude and behaviour of a good Leader/Manager. It will offer you a guide to accurately balance your time to ensure you manage your workload productively.
Duration: 1 day

The People Management Challenge
This ‘hands-on’ workshop gives you the opportunity to put in to practice the management of underperformance, attendance and grievance issues. Within our Hydra facility, you will be launched into a role where you will use your knowledge and skill to overcome common people management situations.
Duration: 1 day

Developing a High Performing Team
This workshop is designed to help you improve the performance of your team, by understanding the basic principles of team development. You will be introduced to theories that will underpin everything you do in your role as a Leader.
Duration: 1 day workshop with post-course work

Coaching Skills for Leaders (CS4L)
To develop the coaching skills of first and second line managers to enable better conversations with staff.
Duration: 2 days

Having THAT Conversation
Do you dread having that awkward conversation with a member of your team? Has a difficult conversation not gone as well as you would have liked? Have you ever ignored something that should have been dealt with? If the answer to any of those questions was yes, then this is the workshop for you. It offers you the knowledge and skills practice to support you in having THAT conversation and getting the best outcome.
Duration: 2 days

Personal development

Coaching Skills for Leaders (CS4L)
To develop the coaching skills of first and second line managers to enable better conversations with staff.
Duration: 2 days

Choosing Your Mindset – Organisational Change Programme
This workshop will challenge you to consider your mindset and the influence this has. It focuses on understanding how this is beneficial in an ever-changing workplace. In addition, it is a life skill that can be used both inside and outside of work.

During the workshop you will explore:
• what you see happening in your work life/environment over the coming months
• how you and others are feeling/may feel through change
• the power of your mind (including some science!) and
• what is within your control to influence
Duration: 3 hours

Personal Effectiveness
Learn to make interactions with other people in the workplace more effective.

At the end of the course students will be able to:
• identify their own and others rights and responsibilities
• recognise the three behavioural styles, understand why people use them, and how to formulate appropriate responses
• foster and promote people’s equality, diversity and human rights; and demonstrate the use of effective behaviour in a variety of situations
Duration: 2 days

Book a course

To find out more or book a training course, contact the Training Team.

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