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Safe Places Scheme terms and conditions

Use of the Safe Places scheme

  1. The Safe Places scheme is solely for individuals with communication difficulties 
  2. The dedicated phone number and unique reference number should not be shared
  3. The Constabulary reserves the right remove a service user from our database if there is clear evidence they are abusing the scheme

Data Protection

  1. You have given us permission to store your details, either through signing a paper form or ticking a box on our online form. We will process this information in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Personal data provided will only be used for the purposes of the scheme and will not be used for another purpose.
  2. You, or your representative, should inform the Constabulary at any time, by telephone, or through an online form if:
    1. Your details have changed
    2. You have lost your card or keyring fob
    3. You want to be removed from the scheme
  3. The Constabulary will check the accuracy of the stored details every two years, by making contact with the service user or their representative.
  4. If you or your representative wants to you be removed from the scheme, or doesn’t confirm after two years that you wish to remain in the scheme, the relevant records will be removed from our system within 3 months
  5. You can re-join the scheme at any time.
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