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Apply to re-join as a Police Officer

Individuals may express an interest in re-joining at any time by emailing the Police Officer Recruitment Team on; there is no need to wait until there is a recruitment campaign.

The Constabulary will consider anticipated vacancies and advise on possible timescales, which are not definitive.

The Process

All individuals seeking to re-join must successfully complete the following stages of the recruitment process:

  • Application form – the full form must be completed including the Competency Based Question (CBQ) section except where the individual is applying to re-join after a break of less than 2 years, in which case they do not need to complete the CBQ section.
  • Interviews will be arranged as and when they are required. Attendance record and reasons for leaving/returning will be discussed during interview.
  • Professional Standards checks and appropriate vetting will be undertaken. Depending on the time that has passed, these checks may need to be reviewed when a suitable vacancy is found.

You must live within the boundaries of the Constabulary area by the time you begin the process of returning to service at Avon and Somerset Constabulary.