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Statement from Dontae Davis’ family

Dontae Davis, who died after being stabbed
Dontae Davis, 18, who died after being stabbed
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Dontae Davis was a popular 18-year-old young man who had worked as a steward at Bristol Rovers Football Club, attended Empire Fighting Chance Gym, and had a job in a local pub.

His family paid this tribute to him:
“Dontae was strong, loving, caring, charming and a thoughtful son, brother, nephew and a friend to all. A young man of justice who always loved to do right for others and loved football, music and online gaming with his siblings and friends.

“Dontae was a ray of light with a distinctive cheeky smile, that would shine through any room he entered.

“He was a family oriented person who was playful and loved spending time with his younger siblings. His heart was pure and his intentions were true and never half-hearted and we as a family are deeply saddened by this tragic loss.”

His loss has devastated his family and those close to him, and has been felt hard in the wider Bristol community.

Dontae’s mother Niquae made a moving victim personal statement, describing how the loss of her beloved son had a devastating effect on all members of her family which would last for the rest of their lives.

She said writing the statement was an almost impossible task because of the emotional and psychological upset she has suffered.

Niquae said: “Since that date, the 14th October 2021, I have gone through every range of emotion that you could possibly imagine and at times I have felt so low and numb in every respect that I could barely function at all.

“Dontae was such as special son to me and we had a very unique bond throughout his life. He was a loving and caring son who had great empathy and understanding beyond his years. He overcame adversity with his speech, behavioural and language difficulties, had always attended school and had worked since he was old enough to do so, despite being haunted and pushed into a dark place that he did not want to go by others.”

She explained how Dontae helped to raise his younger siblings and how significantly they had suffered since his loss.

Directly addressing Kairon Sawyers, she said: “You have not only killed Dontae, you have destroyed and broken the lives of all the people involved with him, none more so than his family.

She went on: “A part of me wants Kairon Sawyers to suffer inside emotionally like I do every day, for his heart to break like mine has, for his soul and spirit to feel as hurt as mine, to feel the emptiness and void that cannot be filled and for him to be surrounded by an unimaginable loss and never ending grief.

“This world needs more good than evil. We do not live in a lawless society and there has to be a day of reckoning for those who do. I can only hope and pray that he will take the time to reflect on what he has done, the pain he has caused and come out on the other side a changed person who can add value to society, rather than to take it away.”