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Neighbourhood officers tackle ASB issues in Bristol park

We've increased patrols in the park following an increase in calls about anti-social behaviour.

Fifteen feet high cannabis plants seized in Somerset

Story about a discovery of cannabis plants being cultivated in a wooded area in Somerset

Knife Crime: Starting the conversation

While knife crime is a serious issue the reality is 99 per cent of young people do not carry a knife. One of the most important messages we can share with our young people is that carrying a knife is not the norm.

Knife crime awareness campaign highlights dangers of carrying weapon

We want to raise awareness of the dangers carrying knives and the impact of knife crime.

Clever gardening tips to deter burglars

We've asked professional gardener James Cox for his creative tips for crime-fighting foliage.

Alert over HMRC phone scam – South Gloucestershire

Find out how to deal with phone fraudsters who claim you owe money to the taxman

Take three: hide valuables, shut windows, lock doors

Simple steps to keep your home safe