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Closure order for property used for drug dealing

Boarded up house in decrepit state

We have been granted a closure order at a property in Weston-super-Mare, which has been used as a base for drug dealing.

Avon and Somerset Police, North Somerset Council and Alliance Homes have worked together to secure a closure order at 49 Milton Brow, in Weston-super-Mare.

The property had regularly been used as a location for drug dealing both class A and class B drugs, mainly cannabis and cocaine. It had an infestation of rats, and neighbours were regularly subjected to threats of violence if they called the police to report issues.

The Anti-Social Behaviour Coordinator for Avon and Somerset Constabulary, Gavin Jennings, said: “We hope this robust action taken by the police and partners demonstrates how seriously we take reports of anti-social behaviour. Such behaviour can ruin the lives of others and will not be tolerated.

“Milton Brow is a residential street where a lot of young families and some vulnerable people live. They were being significantly impacted by the criminal activity and anti-social behaviour at the closed property, so this is a great result for the community.”

Milton Brow

The police, council and housing association had already carried out warnings, housing injunctions and two drug warrants at the address, before being awarded the closure order on Friday 13 May.

The property has been closed and means no one can enter the premises without police being present from now on.

Harry Mills, Senior Safer Communities Officer for North Somerset Council, said: “Anti-social behaviour is hugely disruptive to people’s lives and we are committed to working in partnership with the police, housing associations and the community to tackle anti-social behaviour and create safer communities.”

Senior Anti-Social Behaviour Officer for Alliance Homes, Russell Forsebrook, added: Alliance Homes worked closely with the police, North Somerset Council Community Response and Environmental Protection to end the tenancy of a property in Milton Brow bringing to an end the misery being suffered by the surrounding neighbours.

“Following a positive find by the police of illegal substances in May 2021, Alliance Homes obtained a court injunction in an attempt to resolve the issues. However, problems continued so following another successful police search of the property in February 2022, further enforcement action was taken where the Police obtained a full closure on 13 May 2022.

“All residents were removed and the tenancy ended. The property has been secured, the rat infestation treated and the rubbish removed to the joy and relief of the local neighbourhood.”

Anyone experiencing issues with antisocial behaviour in their area can report it online.