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Woman jailed for role in riot in Bristol

Burnt out police van after arson

A 24-year-woman has become the 19th person to be jailed in connection with the riot in Bristol in March 2021.

Charly Pitman, of Brislington, Bristol, was found guilty of riot following a trial at Bristol Crown Court in April.

Today (7 July), at the same court, she was sentenced to three years in prison.

During Pitman’s trial jurors heard how she positioned herself at the front of the crowd challenging police officers as they attempted to separate them from the neighbourhood police station.

They were shown footage of her acting aggressively towards the officers, striking their shields and helmets, and were told her actions caused them and others to fear for their safety.

Judge Julian Lambert, during today’s sentencing, said Pitman made a conscious decision not to leave the riot and encouraged others to attack police officers.

He added jurors decided quickly there was ‘no basis for self-defence’, as Pitman had claimed during the trial.

Including Pitman, those jailed for offences committed during the riot have been imprisoned for a combined total of 74 years and nine months.