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Bristol man to be sentenced for burglary offence

The scales of justice and the words

A 38-year-old man has pleaded guilty to burglary after targeting a family home in the Knowle area of Bristol.

Steven Fitton, of Willinton Road, Knowle, was charged with one count of dwelling burglary, which he admitted at a hearing held in Bristol Magistrates’ Court on Saturday (October 15).

Magistrates heard how on Tuesday 11 October at around 10pm, Fitton kicked down the front door of a house in Torrington Avenue, while the occupants, including a young child, were inside asleep.

Once inside, Fitton confronted a woman and demanded to know the location of cash in the property.

An investigation was carried out by officers with the Operation Remedy team – our specialist response to investigating burglary offences.

Investigating officer PC Ashley Russell said: “I cannot imagine how frightening this incident must have been for the victims.

“To have the safety of your own home shattered by a selfish offender such as Fitton, is unimaginable.

“He had no regard for the impact his actions had on a young family, but through a swift and thorough investigation he was arrested, charged and is now awaiting sentencing.”

Fitton has been remanded in custody and will be sentenced at Bristol Crown Court on Tuesday 15 November.