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Family of Bradley Lewis speak of “overwhelming support” following trial outcome

Image of Bradley Lewis
Bradley Lewis

The following statement was read out by Bradley Lewis’ father Steve outside Bristol Crown Court on Friday:

“Being here talking to you today is something that you never expect to happen to your family, but now that it has, it puts into perspective what other people go through and my thoughts, as they always have, reach out to them. I do not feel that we have received justice as we have now got a life sentence.

“Brad’s death has brought so much sadness, not just to his family, but the many people that knew him. Proof of this was shown by the hundreds of people that attended his funeral and events that were arranged in his memory. His popularity has also been shown by the memorials that are on display at various locations in South Gloucestershire.

“We are in a sense lucky as a family to have, and still receive, overwhelming support from everyone that knew Brad, or knows us, and I thank those people for that.

“Special thank yous must also go to the police/CPS (DI Ben Lavender and his team), our FLO (Mark), victim support officer (Kate) and social services, who have been looking after my grandchildren’s best interests during this very difficult time for them.

“Brad would say ‘that’s enough dad, stop going on’, to which I would reply ‘that’s my boy’.