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Saving life, bringing criminals to justice and making communities safer

Award winning members of the public, officers and staff
Award winning members of the public, officers and staff. Picture: Barbara Evripidou

We have paid tribute to members of the public including a 12-year-old girl, officers, and staff for acts of bravery and saving life, and for bringing criminals to justice.

Awards were presented before the recipients’ friends and family at a ceremony and Police and Fire Headquarters, Portishead on Tuesday 18 October.

Chief Constable Sarah Crew said: “It’s uplifting, inspiring and humbling to hear your stories of dogged persistence, empathy, compassion, kindness and sensitivity.

“You are all exceptional people whose actions speak more loudly of your character and qualities than I ever could. We’re proud to recognise you and your achievements.”

Royal Humane Society Resuscitation Certificates

Chelsea Gosling and PC Alice Wynn

Chelsea and Alice were quick to assist at a collision in Longwell Green on 25 October 2021. Alice was on her way to work at in Bristol when she and member of the public Chelsea found one of the drivers slumped unresponsive behind the wheel.

Together, they pulled him from the vehicle and started CPR at the roadside, carrying on for about 15 minutes, until paramedics arrived. The man went to hospital and paramedics said their actions at the scene were lifesaving.

PC Christian Openshaw

Bristol-based PC Openshaw and three colleagues who do not wish to be named are awarded for their actions at the scene of a road traffic collision in the city in October 2021.

The two officers who were first on the scene found one of the drivers unresponsive in the road. While one contacted the ambulance service and managed people who had gathered at the scene, the other began CPR.

Christian and his colleague brought a portable defibrillator and all four took turns to administer CPR. Once paramedics arrived, the officers managed the traffic and onlookers. All were praised by ambulance crew for their life-saving actions.

Royal Humane Society Certificates of Commendation

PCs Callum Nott and Peter Williams

In November 2021 Shepton Mallet-based PC Williams and his tutor officer, who did not wish to be named, attended the address of a woman after concerns were raised for her welfare. The woman physically resisted their attempts to give first aid, and Peter called for immediate assistance. PC Nott, based at Yeovil, arrived and the officers were able to give first aid.

The citation said: “All three officers showed compassion and their actions undoubtedly saved the woman’s life.”

PCs Daisy Griggs and Stephen McCorry

Yeovil-based PCs McCorry and Griggs and a colleague who doesn’t wish to be named are awarded a Royal Humane Society Certificate of Commendation.

Daisy and her colleague attended a concern for welfare incident in November 2021 and found a woman in need of immediate first aid. Stephen arrived and helped to move the woman and all three continued to administer first aid.

All three officers remained calm and collected during difficult circumstances.

Olivia Date and Lucy Plummer

Members of the public Olivia and Lucy are recognised for supporting a woman in crisis in Bromley Heath in March 2021.

While Olivia spoke with the woman, Lucy called 999. Both then talked with the woman, establishing a rapport and supporting her to engage with the officers who attended.

Chief Superintendent Deryck Rees, Head of Response Policing, said: “Olivia and Lucy’s quick thinking and the relationship they managed to build with her meant a very distressed person was able to get the help she needed.”

PCs Ian Cody and Stephen McCorry

Yeovil-based PCs Cody and McCorry are recognised for giving CPR to an elderly man in January this year.

They and a colleague who does not wish to be named had responded to concerns for the man’s welfare.

Throughout the entire incident Ian, Stephen and their colleague demonstrated our force’s caring value, supporting and talking to the man.

Royal Humane Society Testimonial on Parchment

PC Sam McGlynn

Yeovil-based PC McGlynn and three colleagues who do not wish to be named were called to a report of an injured man found in a street in the town in March 2021. The two officers who initially attended found a man who had been attacked and needed life-saving treatment. It wasn’t at first clear whether the offender was still in the area.

The PCs called for more units and an ambulance and began first aid. Sam and another PC then arrived and assisted with life-saving treatment, continuing to do so after paramedics arrived, giving the man the best chance of survival.

All four officers showed courage and determination to save the man’s life.

Crown Court Commendations

DC Katrina Collier

DC Collier, based in Bristol, is commended for her handling of a lengthy investigation into non-recent sexual offences.

The case involved a trial and subsequent retrial and Katrina worked hard to keep the five survivors and the witnesses informed and engaged throughout. The defendant was found guilty and jailed.

His Honour Judge Hart commended Katrina for her dedication and determination to seek justice for the boys.

Chief Superintendent Rachel Shields, Head of Investigations, said: “Katrina has gone above and beyond at every turn. She is a fine example of how a detective should go about their duties in a case of this complexity and difficulty.”

DC David Cousins 

DC Cousins, based at police headquarters, Portishead, and a colleague who doesn’t wish to be named, are commended for an investigation leading to the conviction of seven people for the supply of cocaine, MDMA (ecstasy) and cannabis across Bristol, north Devon and Wiltshire.

His Honour Judge Longman commended David for his careful and skilful preparation of exhibits, adding that his clear presentation was an immense benefit to the court.

The judge said his colleague’s strong analytical skills and meticulous collation of material provided the prosecution team with the evidence necessary to secure the convictions.

Chief Constable’s Commendation

Niki White

Fraud Investigator Niki White, based at police headquarters, and two colleagues who don’t wish to be named are recognised for their work on a complex five-year investigation into an estimated £1.2 million fraud.

The case was further complicated when one officer retired, coming back as a member of police staff to see the case through, and a second fraud investigator also retired.

All three went above and beyond their normal duties to bring the case to court, where the defendant admitted three of the most serious allegations and was jailed for 10 years,

C/Supt Shields said: “The officers and police staff involved worked evenings, weekends and days off to achieve this result. They worked closely with the Crown Prosecution Service’s senior fraud lawyer meticulously preparing the case for trial.”

Waley Cohen Award

Connie Norfolk

Connie was just 12 when she stepped in to help a child after becoming concerned for their welfare.

Connie and her mum were in Bristol in May this year when another young girl approached Connie asking for directions. Being concerned for the child’s wellbeing, Connie chatted to her while her mum called us.

C/Supt Rees said: “Thanks to Connie’s kindness and recognition that things weren’t right, a missing child was located and safely returned home. Connie would like to join us when she leaves school and it’s fantastic to see that she’s already embodying our values.”

Angela Yeoman Award

Samantha Ledger

Samantha is recognised for her tireless work to improve road safety after losing her husband Adam in a collision near Taunton in December 2020, while he was riding his motorcycle.

Samantha has spoken with hundreds of young people about road safety and works with Somerset Road Safety, Somerset Advanced Motorcyclists, and Avon and Somerset Police’s own Road Safety Team.

She has donated Adam’s motorbike to help to get the message across at police road safety events and has also raised money for charities including Brake, which supports people who have been bereaved by or seriously injured on our roads.

Samantha fundraising has also enabled our family liaison officers, who support families affected by road death, to offer memory boxes. She even supports police officer and staff development with talks across the region.

C/Supt Rees said: “Samantha’s continuing support and commitment to road and motorcycle safety in the community is outstanding. She has shown great dedication to try and get this important message heard.”

The awards were presented by Chief Constable Sarah Crew, Police and Crime Commissioner Mark Shelford, the High Sheriff of Bristol, Alex Raikes, and Angela Yeoman, former High Sheriff of Somerset.

High Sheriff of Bristol Alex Raikes said: “The role of High Sheriff is to shine a light on law and justice and I cannot think of a lovelier way to do that than at these awards.

“I guarantee you are not people who do only one good deed, you are people who are always doing good deeds and making a huge difference. Keep on doing what you do to keep us safe.”

Police and Crime Commissioner Mark Shelford said: “It’s a huge honour and a privilege to be part of this event. Today is a celebration of excellence, courage and kindness in many different forms.”

The Royal Humane Society issues awards for acts of bravery in saving human life and for successful resuscitation. They are presented by the High Sheriff.

Crown Court Commendations are awarded at the discretion of the trial judge in recognition of an exceptional contribution during the events or evidence of a particular trial. They are presented by the High Sheriff.

Chief Constable’s Commendations are given to officers and staff who have shown personal courage or initiative and commitment in the execution of their duty, above what should normally be expected.

Waley Cohen Awards, presented by the High Sheriff, are named after Mr M H Waley Cohen of Exford who funded this award for members of the public who perform a meritorious action in support of law and order.

The Angela Yeoman Award is given to those who show outstanding initiative and continuous support and commitment to increasing community safety. It is presented by Angela Yeoman.