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Man jailed for more than eight years for string of burglaries – Bristol

A man who committed multiple robberies and burglaries across Bristol has been jailed for more than eight years.

Greg Cole, of no fixed address, was sentenced at Bristol Crown Court on Monday 16 January.

Between March and May 2022, the 31-year-old committed two robberies, three dwelling burglaries and two non-dwelling burglaries. He was found guilty of one of the robberies and one dwelling burglary, but pleaded guilty to the other five offences. 

On Tuesday 1 March at around 7am, Cole was living in social housing accommodation. He entered the room of one of his neighbours and punched him multiple times in the face, demanding his credit cards and PIN number.

After failing to get the money, Cole returned and stole the victim’s phone.

For these incidents, Cole was found guilty on Thursday 3 November.

During the sentencing, the court also heard how on Sunday 27 March, Cole broke into a student property in High Kingsdown, in Bristol, while the occupants were asleep. He made off with laptops, credit cards and alcohol.

Then on Friday 8 April, Cole confronted a man walking home in Clifton in the early hours of the morning. He threatened him and pushed him before taking his mobile phone and credit cards.

On Sunday 17 April, the defendant broke into a home in Stokes Croft and stole two bicycles and some alcohol.

The two other non-dwelling burglaries relate to theft of alcohol from a shop in Whiteladies Road on Thursday 21 April and theft of items from a designer shop in Bristol on Monday 2 May.

Cole was handed a sentence of eight years and 10 months imprisonment and will then serve a further five years on extended licence upon his release.

Investigating officer, DC Helen Shore, said: “Cole is a dangerous individual who targeted vulnerable people both in their own home and on the streets.

“He has no qualms or morals and would regularly burgle premises in the middle of the night without thought to the occupants.

“This opportunist repeat criminal is now off the streets and behind bars.”