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Taunton property closed following anti-social behaviour and drug-related incidents

A property in Taunton has been closed for three months after a series of drug and anti-social behaviour-related incidents.

Taunton Magistrates’ Court granted a closure order for a flat at Eastbourne Court on Thursday 16 February.

The property has been linked to a series of incidents, including violent crime, affray, anti-social behaviour and drug use.

Anti-Social Behaviour Co-ordinator, Cerwyn Pritchard, said: “Neighbours living at Eastbourne Court have been subjected to months of threatening and violent behaviour.

“They were threatened and verbally abused and would often hear shouting and screaming coming from the flat regularly.

“The property regularly had visitors throughout the day and night, with many choosing to then loiter outside the address. This, very understandably, left residents living in fear and feeling intimidated by their actions.

“People did not feel safe in their own homes or community anymore and this is just one of the many ways that drug use can ruin lives.

“I am hopeful that securing this order will reassure the residents of Eastbourne Court that we take these matters seriously and will do what we can to remove anti-social behaviour from our communities.”

On visits to the address, officers found weapons linked to other crimes, drugs and drug paraphernalia which supported their request for a closure order.

PC James Breakwell said: “The behaviours associated to this address, and the individuals who frequent it, were at times shocking.

“We as a neighbourhood policing team are thankful for the public’s support and information provided and hope it encourages anyone feeling the effects of anti-social behaviour in their area to report it to us so we can work with partners to take action.

“We are hopeful the resulting closure order will bring some peace and tranquillity back to the road.”

The closure order, which has been supported by the property owner Sanctuary Supported Living, means no-one is allowed to enter or frequent the address for a three-month period.

David Pepper, Sanctuary Supported Living’s Head of Service, said: “Everyone should have the right to feel safe and comfortable in their own home and in their local community. We always take complaints of antisocial behaviour extremely seriously and have worked closely with Avon and Somerset Police and other partners to take action in this case.”

Police would like to urge anyone who is experiencing similar difficulties in their neighbourhood to report it to police over the phone or via the force’s website.