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Be Home Safe – helping people feel safer in their homes

A picture of a Be Home Safe technician outside his van

“We have lots of ways we can keep people safe in their homes. I’m proud of the work we do but will always wish there weren’t so many people who need our support to be safe.”

Be Home Safe technician Richard (pictured)

Our Be Home Safe team help people who are victims of crime or harassment to feel, and be, safer in their homes.

Based across Avon and Somerset, our seven Be Home Safe technicians are skilled carpenters and locksmiths who are also fully trained in crime prevention. They provide support to people who have experienced crimes such as burglary, domestic abuse, harassment, hate crime and anti-social behaviour.

Their expert knowledge and experience of practical crime reduction measures enables them to carry out assessments, fit new locks and window security, reinforce doors, and fit anti-arson products for people who are at risk of harm. They also provide crime prevention advice and support to victims during their visit. This can include signposting to support services, reassurance following the incident and sometimes being the initial contact support following a report to police.

Last year, our Be Home Safe technicians helped more than 1,400 people feel safer in their homes.

“Our service places the needs of the individual at its heart. We assess the situation of each person and offer advice, support, or crime prevention devices to keep them safe.

“We help people who have been victims of a number of different crimes. At the moment, a large proportion of our referrals are supporting domestic abuse victims – keeping them safe is our priority.”

Police Sergeant Daniel Crawford

“We help families affected by domestic abuse stay in their homes by making them safe and secure. Our work means they don’t need to go into emergency accommodation, or move away from their children’s school, friends, and support networks.”


The team regularly receive great feedback on the impact of the work they do. A friend of someone who was supported recently contacted the team to say:

“You were absolutely amazing; you made all the difference in making her feel safer… you were kind and compassionate and went above and beyond to help her.”

The Be Home Safe Scheme is provided to people who have been victims of crime across Avon and Somerset, with support from the Police Community Trust. Referrals are made by our officers and staff.

If you, or someone you know, would like to be referred please speak to your local neighbourhood policing team Be Home Safe Scheme | Avon and Somerset Police