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Pair given driving ban after racing at speeds of 100mph in Bridgwater

Image of the scales of justice and the words in court

Two men have been given a 12-month driving ban each after being convicted of offences including racing on a public highway at speeds of at least 100mph.

Jack Channon, 22, of St John Street in Bridgwater and Lewis Dowds, 22, of Woodbury Road in Bridgwater, were sentenced at Bath Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday (April 12), after being found guilty of speeding in a 50mph zone and taking part in a race/speed trial on a public highway.

In addition to the driving ban, both were given fines of £1,625.

On Friday 27 May, 2022, an officer on patrol saw two vehicles driving at speed on the A38 Bristol Road – a dual carriageway – at just before 11.30pm (see footage below).

The vehicles, a blue Vauxhall Astra and a white Alfa Romeo Giulietta, were seen to intentionally drive alongside each other.

Both vehicles drove onto the Dunball roundabout and rapidly accelerated, appearing to race each other and exceeding the speed limit of 50mph.

PC Nicholas Steele followed the vehicles and witnessed them drive at estimated speeds of at least 100mph.

He said: “The two vehicles were being driven at a dangerous speed which put other road users at extreme risk. It was clear both drivers had taken the conscious decision to engage in a race on a public highway.

“Both vehicles were stopped at Dunball Services and the drivers were spoken to and subsequently reported for the offences they’ve now been convicted of.

“The magistrates recognised the gravity of these offences and this is reflected in the sentence they were given. A driving licence is an entitlement to drive, and those engaging in reckless behaviour like this can expect to lose that entitlement.”