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Doctor convicted of attempt to engage in sexual activity without consent

Custody image of Nicholas Chapman
Nicholas Chapman

A GP has been convicted of attempting to engage in sexual activity without consent after a trial at Gloucester Crown Court.

Dr Nicholas Chapman, 55, of Taunton, was accused of adding his semen to hot drinks he made for a woman on several occasions in 2021.

After becoming suspicious of Chapman, the woman kept a sample of one drink he made.

She reported the incidents to the police in September 2021 and, when tested, the sample was confirmed as semen with a DNA match to the doctor.

Chapman denied putting the semen into the coffee. In his defence the court was told that he had a medical condition which caused him to ejaculate while going to the toilet. The jury also heard that Chapman might not have washed his hands afterwards, or before making the drinks.

A jury today (Thursday 15 June) convicted Chapman of one count of attempting to engage in sexual activity without consent. He was acquitted of a second similar charge. Chapman was bailed ahead of his sentencing hearing on Thursday 6 July.

The woman, who cannot be named, told the court in a victim impact statement that: “I feel betrayed by him, by his actions. He has made me feel powerless. The devious and cowardly nature has shocked me. If this was a physical attack I may have at least had a chance to defend myself. I’ve had to be open about this to my partner and family, but I often feel alone and that no one quite understands.

“I hope in the future I am able to put this all behind me and move on with my life. Though I have to accept that the mental and emotional trauma I have suffered throughout this will always remain with me in some way.”

DS Rachel Walls, part of the investigation team, said: “I wish to praise the complainant in this case. She was very brave to report this to the police and enable us to carry out a thorough investigation. It has been long process and her victim personal statement goes some way to showing the effect of Dr Chapman’s crime.”

Officers kept the NHS Somerset Clinical Commissioning Group informed to ensure appropriate safeguarding measures were in place from the start of their enquiries.