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Police horse Pilton receives his official name at Glastonbury Festival

Michael Eavis, in a car, handing a name plaque to a rider sat on a police horse
Festival founder Michael Eavis officially names police horse Pilton

Police horse Pilton has been officially named today by Glastonbury Festival founder Michael Eavis.

The naming took place at the festival itself, where Police horse Pilton is deployed along with his four-legged colleagues to provide reassurance to festival goers.

Pilton, previously know as Tyson, is an 11-year-old gelding, standing at 17hh, who joined the section in December. His breeding is unknown, but he would best fit the description of a “maxi-cob”. 

Staff say Pilton has taken easily to his new role. Having come from a large yard where he was hired out to different riders, he has built a strong bond with his trainer and is thriving in his new environment.

He took part in his first ceremonial duty in March at Wells Cathedral and has just attended the Bath and West Show where he was better behaved than his chaperone. In fact he is often mistaken for an older, more experienced police horse.

His trainer PC Elizabeth Livingstone said:

“Tyson is a pleasure to train and is progressing really well. I chose the name Police horse Pilton as we have a longstanding association with Glastonbury Festival, and the attendance of the police horses provides a familiar reassuring presence.

“We are always welcomed by Mr Eavis and as he started off the Pilton Pop Festival it seemed fitting to ask him if he would do the honours.”

Michael Eavis said:

“I have always had a love of horses. We have had police horses at the festival for around 20 years so it’s a good thing for us”.

Police horse Pilton receiving an apple from Michael Eavis