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Heroic police officers recognised at Royal Humane Society Awards

Six officers presented with their awards by Chief Constable Sarah Crew and Police and Crime Commissioner Mark Shelford

A police officer who rescued a woman in distress in the River Avon and a team of officers who saved an armed man from causing serious harm to himself and others were among those recognised at the Avon and Somerset Royal Humane Society Awards on Wednesday 5 July.

The ceremony, which was attended by Chief Constable Sarah Crew and Avon and Somerset Police and Crime Commissioner, Mark Shelford, saw officers being presented with their awards in front of their colleagues, friends and family.

Addressing the recipients, Chief Constable Sarah Crew said: “The work of a police officer is tough. The challenging situations that you encounter daily are things that most people will likely never face during their entire lives. You run towards danger when others run away. You do your jobs with resilience and professionalism, so the public can go about their lives in safety.

“You are here receiving recognition today because you have gone over and above what would be ordinarily expected of you in the line of duty, demonstrating extraordinary bravery and skill amid the gravest situations.”

Among the recipients were PC Christopher James Cook and PC Amarnie Jean Crabtree, who in January 2023 came to the aid of a woman in distress in the River Avon in Bath. Despite the great risk to his own safety, PC Cook entered the river to save the woman’s life. Once out of the river, he was assisted by PC Crabtree in administering emergency first aid until a medical team could take over. The woman went on to make a full recovery.

A team of officers based in Broadbury Road, Bristol were also awarded with Certificates of Commendation for their combined response to a high-risk incident in November 2022, in which an armed man was attempting to cause serious harm to himself in a convenience store. One of the first officers on scene, PC Samuel Jones, placed himself in significant danger in order to seize the weapon, which the man had already succeeded in using to harm himself. When the team eventually needed to deploy a TASER to restrain the man, PC Jones once again put himself in harm’s way to prevent him from hitting the ground and immediately assisted with first aid and restraint.

The officers were praised for the calm and professional way they dealt with this dynamic and fast paced incident, which might have otherwise resulted in serious harm to the man and potentially the general public.

The full list of award recipients can be found at the bottom of this article.

Police and Crime Commissioner Mark Shelford said: “It has been a privilege to attend today’s ceremony. All of you have shown outstanding bravery, courage and dedication and this recognition is so richly deserved. Thank you for all you to do keep our communities safe and protect the most vulnerable – you should be very proud of yourselves and each other.”

Concluding the ceremony, Chief Constable Sarah Crew added: “At Avon and Somerset Police, we encourage our people to ‘Be the Difference’ they want to see in the world. It is clear to me that, in the courage, selflessness and outstanding professionalism each of you has shown, you are the true embodiment of our force values. I’d like to say a huge thank you for everything you do.

“I am proud to serve with you and to have the privilege to serve you as your Chief Constable. You are what makes policing great.”

The full list of recipients is shown below.

Testimonial on Vellum / Testimonial on Parchment

These certificates are awarded where someone has put themselves in considerable danger to save, or attempt to save, someone else.

PC Faye Denford and Special Constable Thomas Evans

PC Leon Troake

PC Christopher James Cook

PC Roberta Baker

Sgt Jessica Hamilton-Webb and PC Ian Marlton

Certificate of Commendation

The nominee(s) must have made a significant contribution to the saving or attempted saving of a life, though their own life was not necessarily at risk. For example, staying with an injured person until medical help has arrived, assisting paramedics at the scene of an incident, talking to an injured person trying to keep them conscious or in the case of an unsuccessful resuscitation.

PC Amarnie Jean Crabtree

PS Laura Smart, PC Matthew Howell, and SC Ryan Griffin

PC Michael Collard

PS Richard Skuse, PC Matthew Fairless and PC Edward Grant

PC Charlotte Gibbons and PC Becky Mason

PC Mary Appleton and PC Ellie Ronen

PC Phil Bagg and PC Tony Freeman

PC Jason Chant, PC Michael Porter and Sgt James Wilson

PC Robert Chalker and PC Paul Bennion

Sgt Adam Frampton Mellor, PCSO Hannah Lynn, PC Luke Hurst and PCSO Daniella Higgins

PS Coel Jordan, PS Joseph Iles, PC Toby Ayres, PC Samuel Jones, PC Isabelle Sadler, PC Dominic Ross-Dean

Resuscitation Certificate

This certificate is awarded to people who have undertaken a successful resuscitation of someone, through mouth-to-mouth resuscitation (MMR) and/or heart-and-lung massage (CPR). A successful resuscitation is measured by the resuscitated person being alive when they are taken from the location.

PS Samuel Bracey and PC Joshua Brown

PC Emma Eyles and PC Dean Sobey

PC Connor Davidson, PC David Jeeves and PC Jason Marshalsea

PC James Theobald and PC Thomas Blackmore

PS Richard Skuse, PC Ewan Allman, PC Matthew Fairless, and PC Katie Harris

Justin Parmenter and PC Jodie Gibson

PC Aaron Morgan

PC Jacob Miller