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Report anti-social behaviour

Anti-social behaviour (ASB) is the term given to behaviours and activities which cause harm or distress to an individual, community or neighbourhood. Neighbourhoods can be an area where you live, work, or visit often.

There are three main categories of ASB, depending on how many people are affected: 

  • Personal – when a person targets a specific individual or group. 
  • Nuisance – when a person causes trouble, distress or suffering to a community. 
  • Environmental – when a person’s actions affect the wider environment, such as public spaces or buildings. 

If you are affected by anti-social behaviour, you can report it either to us, or a local authority, depending on the type of behaviour. 

Ongoing anti-social behaviour

If you have reported a persistent problem to the council, police, or housing provider and feel not enough action has been taken, you can request an ASB Case Review.

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