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Guidance for regulatory bodies

Guidance for regulatory bodies and representatives.

You should only complete the online application form if you are requesting material in line with your statutory functions and powers.

Where available, documents considered for disclosure include:

  • police report (summary)
  • MG5 Summary of incident – redacted
  • victim and witness statements – consent
  • victim and witness statements – no consent, redacted
  • victim ABE contemporaneous notes – consent
  • suspect interview summary – if charged with a recordable offence

Once we have received payment, we will provide the requested information.

If the investigation is ongoing, we may only provide limited particulars.

Disclosure Court Order

Where we refuse to disclose information, you may choose to apply for an order from the court. A court order will provide the lawful authority to enable information to be disclosed.

We need a court order if you are requesting:

  • material relating to a suspect who has not been charged or cautioned for a recordable offence
  • copies of taped or digitally recorded interviews made under caution
  • contemporaneously written records or summaries of taped or digitally recorded interviews made under caution
  • victim and witness interviews digitally recorded under the Achieving Best Evidence (ABE) process
  • un-redacted copies of any of the information above – no consent
  • general request for all other information relating to a police prosecution file

 Email disclosure court orders to dataprotection@avonandsomerset.police.uk.

Further information

If you have any queries about this process, email dataprotection@avonandsomerset.police.uk.

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