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Farm Watch

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Rural crimes can really be reduced by the use of Watch schemes. By using your knowledge and awareness of what is happening on and around your land, you can help to reduce crime and deter criminals.

In rural areas, farmers are at the greatest risk of crimes such as theft and vandalism. Although these crimes happen at all levels of our society, they can have a major impact on the day-to-day running of a farm. 

The aims of the scheme

  • To reduce local opportunities for theft of livestock and dead stock.
  • To reinforce the community spirit so that everyone can contribute towards the protection of their property by mutual co-operation and communication.
  • To introduce early warning systems in farming and countryside areas.
  • To improve the intelligence flow between the agricultural communities and the police.

How the aims are achieved

  • Text and Email alerts for members of the community
  • Intelligence gathered by police on all farm related crimes
  • Visits from local PCSOs
  • Crime Reduction Officer can visit you and give advice on securing your property

Benefits of the scheme

  • A reduction in crime and the fear of crime impacting on the community.
  • Suspicious people and vehicles can quickly be reported to the police and other members of the countryside communities.
  • Information and advice can be quickly and efficiently circulated between the police and the community.
  • A crime vigilant community in partnership with the police will create a safer environment.

Get involved

The scheme relies on farmers working together, and with us, by getting involved to help share information and to show the criminals that we are being proactive in tackling crime.

Suspicious activity should be monitored and recorded discreetly and reported to us quickly and accurately.

Important: Where a serious crime is in progress, do not attempt to confront the suspect by yourself. Call 999 immediately and wait for the police to attend.

To join the Farm Watch Scheme or are looking for more information please email

If a Farm Watch scheme is already running in your area, a local PCSO will make contact and provide you with information and the required membership forms. You will also be offered a visit from a Crime Reduction Officer who can provide you with support in securing your farm against criminal activity.

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