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Support for victims of sextortion

Sextortion is when someone threatens to share private sexual images/videos of you unless you do something for them (share more photos or pay a ransom).

If you have been the victim of sextortion there is help available to you. You do not need to be embarrassed and it is important to know you are not alone.

How to deal with sextortion 

Do not

  • Do not panic. Although it can be very distressing to be threatened with the release of private intimate images/videos, offenders very rarely go on to publish this material.
  • Do not pay. The offender’s motive is to get money, once you have paid it is likely they will ask for more and the blackmail may continue. If you do not pay, they will likely move on.
  • Do not communicate. You may wish to temporarily deactivate your social media accounts, block the offenders and report their profile to the website. Do not try to negotiate with or threaten the offenders and cease all contact immediately.


  • Preserve evidence. Screenshot profile information of the offender, in particular their Facebook profile URL, Skype ID, telephone numbers and payment details.
  • Consider changing your name on social media so that new offender accounts cannot contact you and ensure your account and friend’s lists are private.
  • Exercise a degree of caution in adding anyone to be your friend online that you do not know in real life, even if you have mutual friends.

Support groups

You may wish to speak to:

The following websites provide advice and guidance:

Report sextortion

If you have been a victim of sextortion, report it to us.

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