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Frome Rural Priority – Theft

The Rural Beat Team are working with the communities to offer crime prevention advice and also to conduct targeted patrols to give local residence some reassurance.

We would strongly encourage everybody to secure and mark their property where possible, for our farming community we recommend fitting trackers to high value machinery as standard practice.

The rural Beat team will also be visiting village location in the community contact vehicle so local residents can speak at first hand with officers about any issues or concerns they may have.


  • Wednesday 22nd June, 2022

    Frome neighbourhood have recently worked in partnership with North Wales Constabulary to seize and return a stolen quadbike. The bike was returned to Frome police station by the unfortunate member of the public who had purchased it from an online site. The bike had been missing since last year but is now held securely by police waiting to be collected by the rightful owner.

    Please remember to complete checks on anything you purchase from an unknown source to avoid this type of situation.

  • Wednesday 8th June, 2022

    Trailer manufacturing companies are experiencing extensive delays in fulfilling orders. This has caused an inflation to the second-hand trailer market. In turn, this has meant that the attraction for thieves has also increased.

    We expect trailers to be increasingly targeted by thieves so encourage all owners to get their trailers marked up. There are many products on the market to mark property, and Avon and Somerset Police occasionally run event to provide this service. If you are interested, stay up to date with future events by following our social media or talk to your local Neighbourhood Team.

  • Thursday 26th May, 2022

    Frome Neighbourhood Police has been made aware of a stolen quadbike being reregistered in Frome. Enquiries revealed that the Vehicle Registration Mark (VRM) and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) where both the same as those reported.

    Partner constabularies have assisted us with intelligence on this Quadbike.

    If you are looking to purchase a Vehicle online, it is advised to use a free online VRM checker or if in doubt call 101 with the details of the vehicle.

  • Thursday 28th April, 2022

    Frome Rural Neighbourhood Team have recently worked collaboratively with the Rural Affairs Unit and Datatag Security Systems to offer a free trailer marking event at Standerwick Livestock Market.

    38 trailers were successfully registered using Datatag’s innovative marking system.

    Further events are planned and will be advertised on the Avon and Somerset Police website.


  • Wednesday 13th April, 2022

    Recently the Frome Rural Team have provided an extensive police presence in the lanes and Farm yards near Frome. We have challenge several suspicious vehicles in the lanes.

    We have also patrolled the Live stock market extensively.

    If you are a victim of theft or any other crime please report it to the police. The more reports we get the better we can follow crime trends and respond by preventing further crime.

  • Wednesday 30th March, 2022

    Reassurance visits have been carried out to due to concerns over pet thefts. Confirmation has been given to pet owners there have been no recent pet thefts reported to the police. Burglary packs are given out to victims of burglaries and attempted burglaries.

    We appreciate all reports including suspicious activity which help us target our patrols.

  • Thursday 24th February, 2022

    Please be aware that Frome Police have seen a rise in Motorbike thefts in our area. The usual MO is bikes are advertised for sale on line which the thieves take note of. Often they will even view the bike posing as a potential buyer and scope out the property. Later when the home owner is away they will return to steal the Bikes.

    Please ensure your garages and sheds are securely locked and bikes inside are locked to the walls or floor.  You could also consider marking your bike with a property marking kit.

    Avon and Somerset Constabulary have been issuing Selecta DNA property marking kit to repeat victims who have taken reasonable first steps to prevent crime.

    You can view motorbike marking kits on their website.

    Car, Motorbike & Boat | SelectaDNA

  • Sunday 23rd January, 2022

    Night Time Economy patrols have been carried out in rural burglary hot spots. A team of three cars patrolled Shepton and Frome rural in areas known to police as having recent burglaries.

    The Neighbourhood police team have also hosted recent beat surgeries at agricultural and live stock markets on the beat to engage with farmers and help raise awareness of what thefts have occurred in the local area. We encourage all farmers to sign up to our Farm Watch schemes to get early warnings of crimes committed in your local area. It also strengthens our response tackling crime when the community as a whole is connected and reports crime.

    Find out more here;

  • Monday 29th November, 2021

    Protect your self from theft by getting regular updates and warning of crimes and suspicious activity in your area from out Watch Schemes. We have the following Watch Scheme specifically for the rural community.

    • Horse Watch
    • Poaching Watch
    • Farm Watch

    Find out more and sign up to our Watch Schemes bellow.

    Apply | Avon and Somerset Police

  • Saturday 16th October, 2021

    Recently the Rural Neighborhood team has carried out an anti-poaching and rural theft intensification week. This consisted of a double beat surgery at Frome livestock Market and Mole Valley Farmers where the local team and specialist rural affairs officers met the public to give crime prevention advice and to gather intelligence from the farming community. We have then carried out two nights of counter poaching and farm theft patrols throughout the beat. This has been informed by a bespoke intelligence package to ensure officers on the ground had the most up to date knowledge of suspects, their vehicles and recent crimes.

  • Saturday 21st August, 2021

    Rural officers have been out to visit Farms recently, the victim of fuel thefts. Intelligence has been gathering which we hope to use to target criminals who steal fuel. Alarm padlocks have been provided to Victims to help boost their security of sheds and fuel containers.

  • Sunday 8th August, 2021

    Recently Frome Neighbourhood Team has cracked down on wildlife offences with a successful stop and search of poachers. Two catapults and ball-bearings were seized. The poachers are currently under investigation for taking bird species with the catapults. All birds are now protected by law. Species such as wood Pidgeon, previously classed as a pest species, can only be culled with a reasonable excuse such as danger to public health or significant damage to crops – evidence of which would need to be provided if requested by the courts. Poaching is often associated with other rural crimes such as farm thefts.


  • Wednesday 7th July, 2021

    In recent weeks we have seen a reduction in rural theft. During patrols visiting repeat victims the neighbourhood team have been distributing property marking kits called SelectaDNA.

    This is a invisible mark only seen under UV light which helps us return stolen property back to the rightful owners.

  • Saturday 12th June, 2021

    The Neighbourhood Policing Team has seen a slight increase in farm and rural thefts. Most recently, Ifor Williams trailer and horse tack have been targeted by thieves.
    We strongly encourage all Farmers, Riders and Smallholders to join our free Horse and Farm-watch scheme. This will give you an early alert if the Police become aware of thieves operating in the local area. Signage is also provided, which acts as a deterrent.
    The Neighbourhood Team have also used SelectaDNA, a sophisticated liquid property marker, to mark repeat victims property. Selecta DNA helps Police return stolen property and prove that items do not belong to the criminals.
    If you would like to join one of our watch schemes, please call 101 or search;

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