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Online Crime

With the constant development of modern technology, Cybercrime is one of the fastest growing areas of crime. Any offence where criminals use technology such as computers, smartphones and tablets to break the law, is classed as online crime.

Here are just a few ways victims can be targeted:

  • Theft of personal and sensitive data
  • Fraud
  • Stalking and harassment
  • Bullying
  • Grooming
  • Blackmail (sextortion)

How do I report...

online fraud

If you have been a victim of fraud related online crime, you can report it:

online bullying or harassment

If you are being bullied or harassed online, you can report it:

offensive or threatening messages sent via social media

We can only proceed with incidents where the offensive messages amount to a criminal offence. 

Some posts may be upsetting, distasteful or express an unpopular view but are not necessarily criminal.

You should report abuse to the social media site administrators.

The Police will only deal with messages which are:

  • a threat to a person's life, safety or property
  • targeting specific individuals, including persistent harassment and ongoing abuse
  • a breach of court orders, including identifying people protected by law
  • grossly offensive, indecent, obscene or false and of a malicious nature

When reporting to the police, keep a record or screenshot of the messages, who sent them and when.

If you feel in immediate danger, dial 999.

If you have received offensive or threatening messages via social media, you can report it:

blackmail (sextortion)

If you have been a victim of blackmail (sextortion), or have been accused of sextortion, you can report it:

  • by phone -  call 101. If you are in immediate danger call 999.

Further information

For further information and guidance on: