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Temporary closure order granted for flat in Bristol

Antisocial behaviour and drug offences reported by members of the public has led to a three-month closure order against a flat in Bristol.

In the first nine months of this year, we received 29 calls relating to antisocial behaviour or vulnerability connected to a single address in Hayleigh House, in Hartcliffe.

Avon and Somerset Police worked with Bristol City Council to attempt to reduce the problems but an increase in calls in August and September led to a closure order being sought. Safeguarding action has also taken place to help protect the vulnerable tenant.

Magistrates on Tuesday 25 October agreed to support an application for a three-month closure order to help the community.

Project ADDER antisocial behaviour co-ordinator Antony Lodge said: “Over a number of months we received a large number of calls relating to one address at Hayleigh House and it was right that we, alongside the council, took proactive action to prevent the community from being blighted by antisocial behaviour.

“Steps were taken before seeking a court order to resolve the situation, but ultimately it was clear that a closure order was the most appropriate way forward. We’re grateful magistrates agreed.

“We hope the residents of Hayleigh House feel happier living in the area, as they deserve to.”

We encourage anyone who is affected by antisocial behaviour in their area reports it to the police. This can be done on 101 or via our website, although if a crime is in progress then people should call 999.