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Report noise complaints

Nuisance noise is loud or persistent noise which causes you ongoing concern or affects your quality of life.

Report nuisance noise

Nuisance noise is not a police matter. You should report nuisance noise issues such as loud music, noisy pubs, rowdy parties or barking dogs to your local council, Housing Association or landlord.

Unlicensed raves or music events

To hold a rave or music event legally, a public entertainment licence must be obtained from the relevant local authority.

If an unlicensed rave is underway or about to begin, report it to us by calling 101

To report an unlicensed rave which is due to take place in the future fill in our inform us of suspected crime form.

Ongoing noise issues

If the noise issue is ongoing and causing you distress, then this could be managed as a case of anti-social behaviour.

To report ongoing anti-social behaviour

Immediate danger

If you are being affected by anti-social behaviour and are in immediate danger, call 999.

Ongoing anti-social behaviour

If you have reported a persistent problem to the council, police or housing provider and feel not enough action has been taken, you can request a Community Trigger.

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