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Speeding Notice

A Notice of Intended Prosecution is sent out when a vehicle has been detected driving in excess of the speed limit.

The first Notice is sent to the vehicle’s DVLA registered keeper, who has to identify the driver.

You may have received a Notice if the registered keeper has identified you as being the possible driver during the alleged speeding offence.

Identifying the driver

You must reply within 28 days of receipt of the Notice, to confirm who the driver was at the time of the alleged speeding offence.

  • If you were the driver, you must confirm this and choose from the driver’s options on your Notice.
  • If you were not the driver, you must respond to the Notice providing details of who was driving. Once we receive your response, we will issue a new Notice to the person or company you have nominated. Do not give your Notice to anyone else to complete.
  • If you are unable to identify the driver, you must respond to the Notice and include a letter explaining what steps you have taken to try and provide this information. Find out more about identifying the driver.

Driver’s options

Depending on the severity of your case, the option to go on a speed awareness course, or pay a fine and receive penalty points may be included in your Notice. 

If these options are not included, they are not available in your case.

Speed awareness course

If you have been given the option, you can ask to attend a speed awareness course instead of paying a fine and receiving penalty points.

  • If you pay the fixed penalty fine or send your driving licence to the Conditional Offer Unit, you will not be able to attend a speed awareness course.
  • If you pay for a course before your eligibility has been confirmed, you will need to contact our Speed Enforcement Unit to reactive the facility to pay the fixed penalty online.
  • If you are eligible to attend a speed awareness course but have not received an invitation letter to attend within two weeks of replying to the Notice, contact our Speed Enforcement Unit. A copy of the letter or course provider details can be emailed to you.

The course must be attended within 120 days from the date of the alleged offence.

Booking a course

Once it has been confirmed you are eligible, you can register acceptance of your course offer on the National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme website.


The cost will vary depending on the type of course and which area you choose to take it. It is not possible to pay for a course in instalments under any circumstances.

You can compare costs on the National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme website, using your driving licence details.

Fixed penalty fine and penalty points

If you have been given the option of a Fixed Penalty, visit Paying your Fixed Penalty Notice page to pay online, or use the contact details on your Fixed Penalty application form.

Once you have paid the fine, you will need to send your driving licence details to the Conditional Offer Unit.

For more information about driving licences, go to our Driving licence enquiry page.

Dispute the offence

If you wish to dispute the speeding offence for any reason, you must request a court hearing, along with an explanation of why you want the case to go to court.

If you have any further questions about how to reply to the Notice, read our guidance on completing the Notice.

Court summons

You must send your driving licence details to the Conditional Offer Unit within the time stated on the Notice or any correspondence received from the Speed Enforcement Unit. If this date has passed, a court summons could be issued.

Find out more about a court summons.

Further guidance

If you have any further questions, read our guidance on completing the Notice.

If you have sent correspondence to the Speeding Enforcement Unit and not received an acknowledgement within 4 weeks or if you have lost your Notice of Intended Prosecution, contact the Speed Enforcement Unit.

Questions about speed enforcement

Answers to commonly asked questions such as ‘Do you have to be a regular police officer to carry out speed enforcement?’ are available in Speed Enforcement – Your Questions Answered (PDF)

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