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Speeding offences

Speeds limits are set by the Highways Agency or local councils. You must not exceed the speed limit for the road you are on and the type of vehicle you are driving.

If you are caught speeding, and depending on the circumstances, we may:

Caught speeding

If you are caught speeding within our force area, we will issue you with a NIP and a Reply to Notice Form. We collectively refer to these as a speeding ticket.

  1. Step 1 : We issue a speeding ticket

    Within 14 days of the vehicle being caught speeding, we access the DVLA’s records to find – and send a speeding ticket to – the vehicle’s registered keeper, who has to identify the driver.

    The NIP provides you with details of the alleged offence; the Reply to Notice Form is for you to tell us who was driving at that time.

    You may also receive a speeding ticket if the registered keeper identified you as being the possible driver during the alleged speeding offence.

  2. Step 2 : You must respond

    From the date the speeding ticket was issued, the registered keeper has 28 days to tell us who was driving the vehicle.

    If the vehicle is owned by a:

    • limited company or plc, the company secretary must respond
    • private company, a director or an owner must respond

    Guidance on how to identify the driver can be found on how to respond to a speeding ticket.

  3. Step 3 : Potential outcomes

    If you are the vehicle’s registered keeper and you respond within 28 days, depending on the circumstances of your ticket, you will usually get either:

    • an offer to attend a speed awareness course
    • a fixed penalty notice, consisting of a fine and points added to your licence
    • a Single Justice Procedure Notice
    • a court summons

    We can also issue you with a court summons if you fail to respond to your speeding ticket and do not provide the information we asked you for.

    For more information, see speeding ticket outcomes.

  4. Step 4 : Appeals

    If you appeal the offence, you can request a court hearing. You should only request a hearing if you want to plead mitigation or you wish to challenge the evidence.

    Be aware that if you decide to appeal and are found guilty, the court can:

    • give you more than three points on your licence
    • increase the fine
    • make you pay the court costs

    You must respond to your speeding ticket within 28 days of the issue date. Failure to do this is a criminal offence.

    Once you respond, we will write to you to outline your options including how to appeal. Read more on how to respond to a speeding ticket.

    For further guidance see speeding ticket outcomes.

What happens if I…

need help filling in the speeding ticket?

Guidance on completing and returning a speeding ticket can be found on how to respond to a speeding ticket.

want to dispute the speeding ticket?

If you wish to dispute the speeding offence for any reason, you must request a court hearing, along with an explanation of why you want the case to go to court.

Read our guidance on how to respond to a speeding ticket.

suspect my number plate has been cloned?

If you have received a speeding ticket and cannot identify the driver, see how to respond to a speeding ticket.

If you think it may be as a result of someone cloning your number plate, you can report vehicle cloning to us separately.

want to check if the speed camera was working?

We publish speed camera certificates on our website to disclose how our cameras are calibrated according to Home Office standards.

already have nine points on my licence?

If you already have nine points on your licence, you must complete the relevant section on the speeding ticket and return it to the address shown within 28 days.

You may be able to take a speed awareness course, but you will be referred to court if you are ineligible for the course. Read more on speeding ticket outcomes and eligibility.

have a driving licence query?

Lost licence
You must provide your driving licence number to book a speed awareness course, so you will need to apply to the DVLA for a new driving licence.

Penalty points need to be added to your licence
Send your driving licence details to the Conditional Offer Unit within the time stated, either on the speeding ticket or any other correspondence from us. A court summons may be issued if you miss this date.

Licence is with the DVLA or Fixed Penalty Office
You will need to contact the Speed Enforcement Unit.

want to report a speeding offence?

If you are affected by speeding in your area, see Community SpeedWatch.

want to know how you enforce speeding offences?

Answers to commonly asked questions can be found in our Speed Enforcement – your questions answered (PDF).

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