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As a dispatcher, you will work closely with 101 switchboard operators and call handlers to assess calls and use your judgement to advise, direct and deploy police resources.

Whether there has been a serious road accident, a burglary is in progress or a person is missing, you will make the decision about how we respond to incidents and guide police teams in their response.

What does a dispatcher do?

A dispatcher:

  • answers emergency calls from the public and other agencies
  • gathers information obtained by the call handler and from police systems
  • makes accurate priority assessments, determining the most appropriate response based on risk and vulnerability
  • deals with multiple calls / incidents at the same time, determining the most appropriate policing response to each
  • works closely with response officers to ensure we are at the right place at the right time
  • liaises with other agencies as incidents unfold
  • accurately records relevant information for every incident, reassuring victims and facilitating investigations if required
What skills do I need?

Dispatchers decide how we respond to incidents. This means you need to be able to:

  • stay calm under pressure and make informed decisions
  • listen carefully to the caller to understand the situation and determine an appropriate response
  • work well in a team and communicate clearly to response teams
Recruitment process

Find out what happens once you have applied to work in our Communications Centre.

Why work for us?

We offer a rewarding career with an opportunity to make a real difference to your community. You will also benefit from flexible working, access to fitness facilities, free parking and career development opportunities.

Find out why you should work for us.

Ready to join us?

We are currently recruiting for Emergency Communications Operators (ECOs) to join our team based at Police and Fire Headquarters in Portishead.

Emergency Communications Operators is the name given to both call handlers and dispatchers. The recruitment process will reflect the requirements for each individual role.

If you are successful at the shortlisting stage, we will discuss both roles with you to assess which one best suits your skillset.

Stay up to date

Find out about our latest vacancies by registering for our job alert email service, or join our Talent Bank to be contacted about suitable vacancies.

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