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Malado, Special Constable

Breaking down language barriers.

Malado, Special Constable

Malado has volunteered throughout his life and applied to the special constabulary in 2021. He and his wife have always felt strongly about giving back to their community: “I have always liked the idea of policing and was not aware of the special constabulary until my wife suggested it to me – it seemed like a no brainer.”

“I moved from Senegal, West Africa to England in 2008 to create a better life for myself. Moving here from a non-English speaking country wasn’t easy, but I was given the help and support I needed to get where I am today. This country made me a husband and a father to two beautiful children, and I am so happy and proud to give back to my community and country.”

“Whenever I put the uniform on, I feel proud.”

“I love what I do” Malado explains: “It makes me happy to give back and to go home knowing I’ve made a difference. I look forward to every duty.”

Gaining skills

“For most of my working life, I have worked solitary jobs. As an HGV driver, I am often alone with just the radio for company. It was a very steep learning curve for me to work in team environments, but this experience has made me a much more confident and social person. Being a special constable has boosted my English proficiency, helped me realise my capabilities, and given me plenty more skills. I have also become a much more patient and understanding person, and am able to help others through some of their worst and darkest moments.”

“I’m a very positive person. I love to help others and am able to defuse confrontational situations by listening and understanding others. I can speak 5 languages including English, French, Wolof, Fula, and Arabic, and am pleased to be able to help break down language barriers.”

Support from family, friends and colleagues

“My commitment to the special constabulary is made a lot easier with incredible support from family and friends. My wife and I balance our own work and family commitments and I find it easy to commit to the 16 hours a month.”

“Working a shift pattern in my day-job also helps, as my days off are not set. My colleagues are really understanding and often help me out with swapping shifts so I can carry out my volunteering duties, and they are all very proud and supportive of what I do.”

“My team is like my second family”

“I am extremely grateful for my team and tutor. I have not found my specialising journey difficult because of the support I have been given – which has completely surpassed my expectations. It is a pleasure to work alongside my regular colleagues, and I feel completely integrated into the team and policing family. I expected to feel like an outsider, but I am far from it.”

“I would 100% recommend joining the special constabulary and would definitely encourage you to apply. Everyone should do it – I can’t see myself doing anything else!”

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