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Patrycja, Special Constable

An asset for diverse communities.

Patrycja signed up to the special constabulary after her ADHD diagnosis, when her psychologist suggested that she worked in the emergency services due to their high-intensity nature.

“I wanted to be a person who could change something in someone else’s life.”
She describes having always felt a strong need to help others, having experienced a difficult childhood and her own personal struggles after moving to the UK eight years ago.

“I love it! No day is the same. I have dealt with difficult situations and can see the difference I have made. You really can make a difference.”

Developed understanding and confidence

Her role as special constable has also allowed her to push herself and develop a greater understanding of people and their motivations and actions. She describes feeling more aware and open-minded, as well as self-assured, much more confident both with and without her uniform, Patrycja discusses her gained conflict management skills.

“I’ve learned that I can rely on my natural instincts and that my voice is my biggest weapon. I solve situations by listening and talking to others, rather than by force.”

“I am proud to be visible and representing people with neurodiversity.”

Patrycja has always wanted to be a police officer, but previously felt that her tattoos, small frame, and neurodiversity would act as barriers to this aspiration.

“I didn’t finish school in Poland and do not have any A levels, so I was worried about whether I could become a police officer. I asked around and someone suggested the special constabulary. When I joined, I was put in touch with some amazing trainers who also suggested dyslexia testing which resulted in a diagnosis. My ADHD and dyslexia have been very well received in the force. The amount of support that has been given to me is incredible.”

“Getting to know the community and being a visible point of contact has been very rewarding for me.”

Making a difference for non English speakers

Working in a Neighbourhood Policing Team suits Patrycja. From taking witness statements, executing warrants, visiting children in schools, or working alongside the Response Teams, she enjoys policing in a diverse part of Bristol. She is naturally empathetic to those who do not speak English as a first language, and often aids investigations in Polish.

“On my first day, I helped a lady who rang up to report stolen goods. She couldn’t speak English and really struggled to explain herself. I acted as a translator throughout the investigation and was able to ease her worries – it was fantastic to see the difference I was making.”

If you want to do it, you will find the time

Patrycja balances her 16 hours per month commitment to the special constabulary with her new role as a Detention Officer in Avon and Somerset Police and is able to use and develop her practical skills and knowledge across both positions.

“Don’t fear new experiences – I did it, and so can you. Support is readily available when training and on the job. Jump in!”

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