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The recruitment process

Stage 1

When PCSO recruitment is open, you will complete and submit an application form.

Blind Shortlisting

Personal details will be removed from applications before being assessed by recruiting managers. This is so candidates are evaluated on their skills and experience instead of other personal factors which may lead to biased decisions for the role.

Stage 2

If shortlisted, you will be invited to attend a 45 minute structured interview.

Stage 3

You will be invited to attend a fitness test, medical and hearing test, drugs test, biometric vetting (i.e. fingerprints and DNA), vetting and references.

Fitness test - You will run between two points along a 15 metre distance, in time with a series of bleeps (known as 'The Bleep Test'). Find out more on our fitness test page.

Medical and eyesight checks - You will complete a medical questionnaire and attend a health assessment by our occupational health team.

You will have your eyes checked by an optician as part of your assessment and undertake a hearing test.

Drug test - You need to undertake drug screening by providing a hair sample.

Biometrics - this will involve taking fingerprints, a DNA sample and checks made against national databases.

If you are successfully appointed, your DNA profiles and fingerprints will be held on the Police Elimination Database.

If you refuse to give a sample, we will not be able to proceed with your application. If you are not appointed, all copies and records will be destroyed.

Security vetting and financial checks - You will be subject to our vetting procedures and financial checks.