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Questions and Answers

How long does vetting take?

Vetting can take six weeks or longer to be completed, but this depends on the level of vetting required and can vary dependent on the role.

Read our vetting guidance

When will I hear if I have passed shortlisting?

We inform all applicants if they have been successful at each stage of the process. This is normally via email within around four weeks. If you have not heard from us check your junk and spam folders in case our emails have gone in there automatically.

Will my current employer be contacted before I hand in my notice?

We will always ask you before we contact your current employer for a reference. We can send the reference request after you have handed in your notice.

Will I get feedback?

We do not provide feedback after shortlisting. However, if you are successful in being invited to an interview, the chair of the panel will provide feedback, should you wish to receive it. You should request feedback within 14 days of recruitment contacting you after your interview.

Do I need to be a UK resident?

You must be either a British Citizen, a citizen of the EU or other states in the EEA, or a Commonwealth citizen or foreign national with indefinite leave to remain in the UK and must have resided in the UK for a continuous period of 3 years immediately prior to submitting your application.

If I have a criminal record - can I still apply?

Whether you can join will depend on the nature and circumstances of the offence. Each case will be considered on its own merits.

Can I only work full time, shift roles?

Flexible working, full time, part time and job share applications will be considered. You will need to specify if you are seeking an arrangement other than full time and how you anticipate this may be managed in the role you are applying for. However, there are some roles that need a full time member of staff for operational reasons.

Will I get notified that you have received my application form if l send it by post or send it electronically?

We acknowledge receipt of all application forms via email.

Should I hand in my notice before I receive my recruitment checks back?

This is a personal choice but we recommend that you do not hand in your notice until after we confirm an offer of employment. This will not be until your recruitment checks are returned and cleared.

Can I apply for work experience?

We are not offering work experience to schools and colleges at this time. For more details, see our work experience page.